Dear visitor, wellcom to my massage salon Dontory & Rian.

My massage salon and school are for women-only,
reservation is required by the previous day.
I also do home visit massage.
*Please take a notice.
・I work alone at my salon, so I can not do couples massage. 
・I'm sorry, if you come to my massage salon directly without a reservation,
probably I can’t answer the intercom while at my work.
Please take a reservation by e-mail or reservation form.
・I only accept cash.

Business hours AM11:00-PM 8:00
Every Wednesday is regular closing day

E-Mail or (for reservation)
If you can't get my e-mail, please see the spam folder.
*Please let me know what time and day suits you,
and write your name, phone number(or the phone number of your hotel).
I can't speak English well, e-mail is good for me,
or there is the reservation form.
When you can't come at your appointment, be sure to let us know it by e-mail.

Phone 075-241-4545 (I can't answer the phone at my work. Please send me an e-mail.)

Rumonsanjonishinotoin 101
Nishinotoin Ryusuityou83
Karasumadori sanjo nishiiru
Nakagyoku Kyoto City

*If you are not sure how to get in touch with me,
or when you would like to take your hotel visit massage,
you ask concierge to contact me.

To concierge,
簡単に お名前 電話番号 予約希望とお話しいただければ、後ほどこちらから連絡致します。


■Taiwanese foot refrexlogy massage

 foot refrexlogy

It's one of the holistics medicens
to improve whole system of human body
by stimulating reflex zones on a foot.
Reflex points are stimulated in order to treat specific organs.
It is a healing massage to be performed on the feet using fingers with oil,
and sometimes a short wooden stick.
This is one of the greatest and most relaxing massages.

1hour     ¥4,730

■Thai traditional massage


"It's like a thousand gentle waves washing the body"
Thai massage is a form of manipulative healing therapy.
It uses a conbination of stretching and pressure movements to balance
the flow of energy and to treat muscles, ligaments, joints, bones,
connective tissue and internal organs.

1hour     ¥4,730
1hourhaif    ¥7,095
2hour     ¥9,460

※ consumption tax included

I give you Thai traditional massage with Zen Shiatsu.


Taiwannese foot massage lesson
All are private lesson and appoint system

■Foot massage course
10hours    ¥40,700
and enrollment fee ¥3,300 
All lesson charge is prepayment and school is for ladies only
※ consumption tax included

・The expiration date of lesson charge is 1year from the first time lesson.
・There is no repayment of the lesson charge after attending a lecture.
・The cancellation of lesson on the day gets the lesson charge.
 The change of appoint time is by the day before.

When you are not good on the day, you call me till A.M.10:00.
I change your schedule.

・If you wiil be late, please call me ahead of the time.

My Certificate

・Wat Po's Thai traditional massage school
Basic course
Advanced course
Foot massage course

・LoiKroh Chiang Mai Traditional Thaimassage school
Basic course
Advanced course
Foot Reflexology course
Oil massage course

・Loi Kroh Tokyo Traditional Thai massage school
Training course for Therapist

・International Training Massage School (ITM)
Teacher trainig course

・The Old Medicine Hospital Thai massage school
Basic(Ⅰ、Ⅱ) course
Oil massage course

・Lek Chaiya nerve touch massage
Basic course

・Thai massage school of Chiang Mai(TMC)
Table massage course

・Pichest Thai massage school
I study Foot reflexology massage in Taiwan,
and Chi Kung, Zen Shiatsu in Japan.


What is Thai traditional massage ?
The roots of the Thai traditional massage lie in Buddhism.
When Buddhism spread from India to other parts of Asia,
The monks brought their medical practices
with themas an integral part of the religious system.
Buddhism reached Thailand around the 3rd century BC.
Where temples were build, medical schools and dispensaries were build
adjacent to them and so religion and medecine were as one.
Massage and other healing arts were taught in the monasteries
and practised within the family.





English translation

We invite the spirit of our father, the Father Doctor Shivago,
who comes to us through his saintly life. Please bring to us the knowledge
of all nature, that this mantra will show us the true medicine of the Universe.
In the name of this mantra, we respect your help and pray that through
our bodies you will bring wholeness and health to he body of our client.

The Goddess of healing dwells in the heavens high,
while mankind stays in the world below.
In the name of the Founder, may the heavens be reflected in the earth
below so that this healing medicine may encircle the world.

We pray for the one whom we touch, that he will be happy and that any illness
will be released from him.

What is Foot refrexlogy?
Egyptianpapyrus of Reflexology An early Egyptian tomb drawing depicts
what looks like a modern day Reflexology session
and the fact that it was found in the Physician's tomb
seems really relevant.
The hieroglyphics read "Please do not hurt me"
and the reply is "I shall act so you praise me".

Reflexology therapy developed further in the early
Twentieth Century.
Dr. William Fitzgerald, discovered that the body could be divided into 10 zones.
By pressing a certain part of the body in a particular zone,
a pain could be relieved elsewhere in that same zone.
In the early 1930's Eunice Ingham, an American Physiotherapist,
continued to pioneer the ‘Zone Therapy’ theory of Dr. Fitzgerald.
Interested in further reducing the pain experienced by her patients,
she looked into Zone Therapy and discovered that applying thumb
pressure onto the foot, in particular,
would help the body to start a self healing process.

In 1977 Father Josef Eugster, a Swiss missionary to Taiwan,
was suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis in his knees.
Health for the Future, by Swiss nurse Hedi Masafret.
He read it. When he first used reflexology on himself
he could barely stand the pain, but he kept at it. Within two weeks,
to his amazement, the arthritis disappeared, never to return.
“I suddenly got the insight that reflexology could be my new mission method,
an easy way to approach people and help those in need,” says Fr. Josef.
With such a dramatic and successful introduction to bodywork,
it might come as no surprise that Fr. Josef proceeded to popularize
reflexology throughout Taiwan and other Asian countries.

■Dontory and Rian


Rumonsanjonishinotoin 101
Nishinotoin Ryusuityou83
Karasumadori sanjo nishiiru
Nakagyoku Kyoto City

Business hours AM11:00-PM 8:00
Every Wednesday is regular closing day
(Please write your name and phone number)
I can speak English, but not well. So, e-mail is good for me .
Phone  075-241-4545
I can't answer the phone at my work. Please send me an e-mail, or the reservation form.
*When you can't come at your appointment, be sure to let us know it by e-mail.

Take a Kyoto municipal subway karasuma line and get off Karasumaoike station.  
Go to exit number6. Then walk up to the ground level to the right,  
you see the starbucks cofee at the corner of karasma street and sanjyo street.  
You turn to right, and go to straight, about 5minutes,  
there is a post office Nishinotoinsanjo.  
You turn to left, then you walk 2minutes,
there is an apartment Rumonsanjonishinotoin.
You have to press the key 101 and 呼出, at the entrance. 
I'm sorry, if you come to my massage salon directly without a reservation,
probably I can’t meet you at my work.
Pleae take a reservation.

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